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Welcome to Heading Filter

We Supply Filter Media For Industrial Dust Removal and Solid and Liquid Sepration cloth.

ZHEJIANG HEADING ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGY CO,LTD Location in Zhejiang, China, is an innovative company delivering powerful filtration solutions to help companies increase market share and improve production throughput while increasing the bottom line. Heading Filter offers a one stop shop for all baghouse needs including manufacturing facilities for conventional and industrial baghouse filter bags, filter cages, and dust collector baghouse hardwares.

Why Heading Filter? 

Heading Filter Gives You More Than a Solution. 

We are here not to sell you a product but to provide a solution for your industrial needs.We give you experience and expertise. We are not interested in simply implementing a baghouse solution. We want to ensure you receive significant benefits from your investment. We advise you on the best filtration solution for your baghouse needs so that you can deliver higher quality products that are not only more profitable but are produced faster and managed more efficiently.

Heading Filter Delivers Quality, Value, and Service.

Since 1968, Heading Filter has implemented this mantra for hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide in over 100 market segments. We offer cutting edge technologies to increase the productivity of your plant and meet the latest market demands to shorten your time to market. Heading Filter also assists their customers/prospects in understanding new filter and product technology and achieving optimum baghouse performance through onsite baghouse seminars, maintenance, and engineering services. You can depend on the experience that Heading Filter as with these customers to help make your baghouse run optimally.

Our quality control standards and commitment for quality products to our customers has influenced our decision to continue making our filter bag products with independently proven and tested media and product designs.


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