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What is the reason why the filter cloth is pulled apart?

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What is the reason why the filter cloth is pulled apart?

Date of release:2019-01-02 Author:Huaji Environmental Protection Click:

When running the filter cloth, make sure that the lubricating water on the vacuum belt conveyor is sufficient and smooth to prevent the aging belt from drying and generating heat. Regularly lubricate the dehydrator bearings. Check if the joints and components of the vacuum belt dewatering machine are loose; pay attention to the running current of the vacuum pump and the damage and tension of the belt. Always monitor the operation of the vacuum belt belt and filter cloth. If there is any phenomenon such as tearing or deviation, stop it quickly and notify the maintenance personnel.

   Check the vacuum belt conveyor every day to see if there is any abnormal rotation. Stop the belt conveyor and repair it to ensure that it can run normally. This ensures flexible rotation of the rollers of the filter cloth. It is necessary to regularly adjust the tension of the tension roller of the dewatering machine filter cloth to prevent the loosening of the operation of the dehydrator. Operators should install industrial TV monitors and some emergency tools on site to ensure tearing of the filter cloth.


Send a special person to watch the TV monitor to ensure the operation of the site. The filter cloth, roller, return, head filter cloth, etc. should be cleaned and rinsed every time, and the operation safety of the site is ensured without any problem.

    The above is the reason to prevent it and the reason to avoid it hope to help you.

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