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When the filter cloth is installed, the buckle can not be used to lock the filter cloth too tightly.

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When the filter cloth is installed, the buckle can not be used to lock the filter cloth too tightly.

Date of release:2019-01-02 Author:Huaji Environmental Protection Click:

When installing the filter cloth, the filter cloth should not be locked too tightly by the buckle. Otherwise, the sludge remaining in the filter cloth at the contact part of the filter plate will not be removed by automatic cleaning.

     Polyester filament products are made of high-strength, low-stretch polyester filaments and weaved. The products have smooth surface, acid resistance, alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, strong high recovery, easy cleaning and remarkable filtration effect. Celsius, instantaneous temperature of 150 degrees Celsius, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, dye, coal washing and other industries, vacuum plate and frame filter press or non-stick powder filtration. The part of the filter cloth around the filter cloth that is pressed and contacted should be flat and free from wrinkles, so as to avoid damage or mud leakage caused by the filter plate squeezing the filter cloth.


Avoid shortening the tail of the buckle and possibly sticking it into the pressed part of the filter plate to damage the filter cloth or cause mud leakage. Cut the short tail. During installation, it should be noted that there is no foreign matter or large sludge particles between the filter cloth and the filter plate. Large sludge particles or foreign matter may cause damage to the filter plate or filter cloth when the plate is closed. When installing the filter cloth, pay attention to the front and back (on the mud surface and the non-mud surface). Generally, there is no special requirement, the cloth surface (rolled surface) of the filter cloth is on the mud. Otherwise, the installation error will cause the filter cloth to be easily blocked, and the filtering efficiency is low.


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