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Huaji Environmental Education teaches you how to identify the filter cloth

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Huaji Environmental Education teaches you how to identify the filter cloth

Date of release:2019-01-02 Author:Huaji Environmental Protection Click:

To identify the filter cloth, we must first understand the main technical indicators of the filter cloth. Among them are density, thickness, weight, air permeability, and breaking strength. More practical density, thickness and weight, air permeability.

1, look first. (In terms of the color of the filter cloth), the large chemical fiber filter cloth is white and has good gloss. Small chemical fiber filter cloth is dark, gray, and some filter felts such as Nomex, the color is yellowish. (Gloss of filter cloth) Long-fiber filter cloth, the surface is smooth, the gloss is good, and the surface of the short-fiber filter cloth is covered with hair. (The texture of the filter cloth), such as twill, plain, these lines, can also help you judge the model. Because some specifications have different textures, the specifications will be different.


2, touch again. (Softness) Among them, short fibers such as 208, 729 are soft like a plush cloth. 734, 747, 758, and 3927 are all woven from the same kind of raw materials, but the thickness and density are different. 3927 is very rough, strong and not soft. Softness, and roughness require you to take a little bit of the sample and write it down. It is unclear to say. (Density) Density is touched by hand, and it is best to count it. There are several wires in 10cm. The corresponding filter cloth specifications have their own density factor, which can be roughly discerned by comparison.

3, re-weigh. The main reason is to determine the thickness of the filter cloth, it is best to use a small piece to weigh (gram weight per square meter).

4. Burn again. Among them, the polyester burned black smoke, and the polypropylene burned blue. Others are not allowed to burn, it is hard to say.

5, the above is a few technical opinions, from the idea of our order is to determine whether it is a woven fabric, and then determine the material (polyester, polypropylene or what), and then make a rough judgment on the long and short fiber, the texture. According to the thickness, density and weight of the filter cloth, the filter cloth model is comprehensively determined. Of course, the premise is that you have a spec sheet of the corresponding model.


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