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Analysis on the development trend of Huaji filter cloth screen industry

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Analysis on the development trend of Huaji filter cloth screen industry

Date of release:2019-01-02 Author:Huaji Environmental Protection Click:

Zhejiang Huaji Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is an environmental protection enterprise specializing in R&D and production of industrial textile filter products. The group company has R&D and technical service centers in in Pingqiao Industrial Zone. Its R&D and sales team is one of the most experienced teams in the field of filter material manufacturing and application. He has decades of experience in design, development and practical use in the manufacture, application and sale of filter media such as industrial nonwovens, needle felts and filter cloths. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and strictly enforces the global standard of quality control of raw materials and production processes. The company introduces foreign advanced acupuncture non-woven equipment and looms, relying on rich production experience and advanced technical equipment to produce high-quality products and supporting and perfect services. The products are exported to all over the world.


From the early days, the first is that there are very few filter cloth screen manufacturers, and the filter cloth screen has fewer varieties, less output, low technology content and high cost. It reflects the lack of advanced design concepts and production experience in the filter cloth screen industry at that time. Today, the market demand has soared. After years of experience in the production of filter screens and continuous exploration, our company has re-considered and positioned its own results. Now it has developed into a specialized filter cloth screen production and sales. The integrated import and export enterprise has the characteristics of high professionalism, full variety and good quality, and has now become a direct or indirect supplier to domestic and foreign customers.

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