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The performance of different filter cloths is also different.

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The performance of different filter cloths is also different.

Date of release:2019-01-02 Author:Huaji Environmental Protection Click:

The filter cloth is a filter medium woven from natural fibers or synthetic fibers. Includes metal mesh or mesh. Let's take a look at the material of the filter cloth:

   Polyester fabric

   It is divided into polyester filament filter cloth and polyester staple fiber filter cloth.

   Filtration performance: Polyester long fiber filter cloth has the characteristics of smooth surface, good wear resistance, high strength, high strength after smashing, good wear resistance, etc., which makes the fabric have good gas permeability, quick water leakage and easy cleaning. Uses: pharmaceutical, food, chemical, metallurgy, industrial filter press, centrifuge filter cloth.

   Nylon filter cloth

   Uses: rubber, ceramics, medicine, food, metallurgy, etc.


Polypropylene filter cloth

  Filtration performance: polypropylene short fiber, short fiber, wool yarn; polypropylene long fiber, long fiber, and formed yarn are smooth, so polypropylene short fiber fabric is caused by industrial fabric, wool surface, wool filtration, pressure filtration The effect is better than long fibers.

  Velon filter cloth

  Used in solid-liquid separation, gas-solid separation; gas-solid separation in iron and steel plants, steel mills, ferroalloy plants, refractory plants, foundries, power plants and other flue gas purification and dust removal systems.

  Monofilament filter cloth

  It is widely used in solid-liquid separation equipment in non-ferrous metal smelting, chemical, coal, food and other industries, such as plate and frame filters, belt filters, disc filters, vertical disc filters, etc.

  The material affects the performance of the filter cloth, so what are the chemical factors that affect the material of the filter cloth?

  1. Peeling performance of the filter cake. The selection of the filter cloth should pay special attention to the peeling performance of the filter cake. The surface of the filter cloth is smooth and smooth, the filter cake is peeled off quickly, the filtration time is short, and the efficiency is high.

  The filter cake adheres to the filter cloth and is not easy to peel off, which prolongs the working time of the filter press and reduces the working efficiency. If you want to change the filter cloth, the time will be even bigger. Nowadays, it is quite troublesome to replace the filter press with a universal filter press.

  2. According to the requirements of filtration accuracy, select the permeability of the filter cloth. Preliminary selection can be made based on technical parameters such as the maximum particle size supplied by the filter supplier. Although the filter cloth plays an important role in the initial filtration accuracy of the filter press, the higher the initial filtration accuracy, the better the effect.

  This is possible in view of the fact that the filtering accuracy can be minimized.

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