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PPS needle-punched filter felt

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PPS needle-punched filter felt

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PPS high temperature resistant needle-punched filter felt

PPS fiber can keep intensity completely and bear chemistry naturing inherently, keep good filtration performance among the abominable environment, reach ideal service life. In coal boiler, rubbish incinerator, power plant of fly ash filtering of pulse clear dust catcher, PPS filter felts are an ideal filtration material. PPS filter felt is one of the main filter material able to bear the high temperature according to processed of production technology and artificial material of other high-temperature filter felt. 


PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) Fibers Features

• Exceptional Stability for a Wide Range of Temperature and Frequency Variations 

• Be suitable for the oxygen content below 15%; 

• Chemical Resistance to Acids, Alkalis and Organic Solvents 

• Containing moisture in the flue gas; Hydrolysis Resistance 

• Very stable in finished felt form with stability standards at 2% shrink or stretch. 

• Favorable temperature resistance melting point 285℃, limited oxygen index 34~35;



Fair resistance to oxidation under high temperature

When the oxygen in the smoke ( O2 content) over 10% and the operating temperature over 165℃, PPS will be in decomposition.



• Coal - Fired Boilers bag houses 

• Municipal Solid Waste Boilers and Waste incinerator 

• Calciners / Catalysts 

• Electric power plant 

• Electrolysis and other Specialty membranes 

• Waste to energy 

• Iron and non ferrous Metal Industry Specification

PPS needle-punched filter felt

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