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Woven fiberglass fabric with PTFE coated

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Woven fiberglass fabric with PTFE coated

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Woven fiberglass Fabric coated with e-PTFE membrane

Woven fiberglass Fabric coated with excellent e-PTFE membrane gives excellent filtration properties in high temperature environments. This gives the woven fiberglass bags improved high-temp performance.Membrane glass filter bags has been a proven performer in both reverse air and pulse jet baghouses for numerous years over various market segments. Membrane has also proven to be a cost-effective choice for dust particle collection and emission control. Due to the e-PTFE membrane's ability to integrate to the base filter media, you can achieve 99.99% filtration efficiency. Its smooth surface provides a primary dust cake and the media's lack of loose fiber ends provides provide a secondary cake release.


•  High Durability membrane technology provides an excellent combination of filtration efficiency, airflow, and durability 

•  PTFE fiberglass fibers provide good all-around chemical and temperature resistance 

•  Lightweight fabric design and construction provides excellent dimensional stability, flexibility, and resistance to mechanical 

   damage over the life of the filter 


• Chemicals processing: dryers and micronizers in TiO2 and pigment industries 

• Minerals processing: cement kiln/mill, alkali bypass, lime kiln, and lightweight aggregate dust collectors 

• Metals processing: iron and steel production foundries and ferro-alloy production 

• Power generation and incineration: Incinerators and boilers 

Woven fiberglass e-PTFE membrane filter cloth specification

Woven fiberglass fabric with PTFE coated

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