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Bolting Cloth & Screen Mesh

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Bolting Cloth & Screen Mesh

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Bolting Cloth & Screen Mesh

Heading mesh products fall in three major varieties,:Nylon Monofilament Screen mesh ,Polyester doublefilament Screen printing fabrics, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Square. 90% of our product are for export, well sold in the USA, Germany, Japan, Canada, South Korea and other countries and regions. Our technicians and engineers have recently developed some new products, like wire netting for battery use, wire mesh for air conditioners, stranded mesh, wire cloth Dutch woven with extra width, extra gauge and extra fineness


our polymer synthesize mesh including:

Flour bolting cloth(JMG) 

Flour bolting cloth(DMP) 

Nylon doublefilament Screen mesh(JFP) 

Polyester doublefilament Screen printing fabrics(DFP) 

Nylon Monofilament Screen mesh(JPP) 

Polyester monofilament Screen printing fabrics(DPP)


Our wire material series include: 

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Square Opening

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Dutch Weaving

brass wire, phosphor bronze wire

Screening and sifting wire mesh include: 

Stainless steel wire mesh ( wire cloth)


Welded Wire Mesh

brass wire mesh ( wire cloth) 

nickel wire mesh (wire cloth)

wire mesh Dutch weave

liquid and gas filtration mesh

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