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How to prevent the filter cloth from breaking?

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How to prevent the filter cloth from breaking?

Date of release:2019-01-02 Author:Huaji Environmental Protection Click:

  How to prevent the filter cloth from breaking?

   Today is an overview of how you can prevent the filter cloth from breaking. The main method is explained below.


   1. Filter cloth break switch delay 2 seconds stop change instantaneous stop, runoff switch delay 5 seconds stop change delay 2 seconds stop, complete transaction approval and change.

   2. Add a dehydrator abnormal alarm in the soft light word alarm screen.

   3. The opening of the floor of the dewatering machine has 200mm widening space, and the material opening is widened.

   4. Whether the installation of the fracture and deviation signal is reasonable during operation, whether it is necessary for improvement or not, will be completed next week.

   5. The operating personnel increased the inspection intensity, shortened the inspection time, and found that the blocking material immediately notified the Blue Nest project department, and the maintenance personnel should arrive at the scene within 20 minutes. Each time the value is transferred, the hopper is cleaned up as a handover.

   6. Strengthen the running equipment screen and industrial TV monitoring.


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