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Nomex felt

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Nomex felt

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Metamax needle felt(Nomex felt) 

Metamax is the mixture of 95% m-aramid and 5% p-aramid. Metamax needle felt is meta-aramid fiber invented and manufactured by Heading Filter. NOMEX fibers are from the generic fiber group called meta-aramid. Another brand name from this fiber group is CONEX and NOMEX. .


• Due to its high thermostable performance, it is able to perform well for a long period of time under acid base in 204℃; 

• Chemical Resistance to weak Acids, weak Alkalis and Organic Solvents 

• Its high performance in its thermal stability and low contraction performance, guaranteed the end product filter pocket size remain stable, the avoidance of bag cage broken phenomenon; 

• Its high performance regarding its wearability and the folding endurance make it the perfect product for many kinds of dust structure and the dust quantity. This also helps in extending the filter material’s service life. 

• High resistance to breakage and its high break elongation ratio guaranteed the end product of filter materials with high intensity, good product longevity, and better tolerance to injection; 

• Metamax is easy to process with low waste and it is compatible to most machines. This enhances its processing efficiency and reduces cost. 

• Perfect combination of performance with price – high performance to price ratio 

• Its high performance in ventilation reduces the dropping of dust removal system pressure and thus save the energy and its related cost. 

• It is flame resistant with self-extinguish nature and non-melt drop.


• Tail gas/fume/dust from metallurgical plant 

• Chemical Resistance to weak Acids, weak Alkalis and Organic Solvents 

• Carbon black plant, iron works(blast furnace gas) 

• Cement plant (tail gas from vertical kiln), 

• Petroleum fumes from mixing round the beton and asphaltum 

• Coal fired boiler


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