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PP needle punched felt

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PP needle punched felt

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PP needle punched felt

Polypropylene is a relatively low temperature fiber with quite excellent chemical resistance which finds use in specialist applications such as the chemical industry.

The fibers cannot hydrolyse, the only chemical weakness being a susceptibility to oxidising agents. Other than that they can be used almost universally provided the temperature is below 90°C.The fiber is of a low density (it floats in water) and so a given denier of fiber is much larger in diameter than the polyester equivalent. This leads to felts being quite thick, almost 50% thicker than for the same polyester weight.The fiber is very prone to static build up so the felts are often augmented by the incorporation of either conductive fibers or a conductive scrim or a combination of the two. This then helps to dissipate potential static electric discharges.


• Smooth surface, more defined pore size and good air permeability 

• Low temperature resistance ( 88-110 ℃) 

• Excellent resistant to hydrolysis, acids and alkalies. 

• Lower fiber release, Lower density,High mechanical characteristics


• Galvanic industry and Chemical industry 

• Prefiltering solvents and acids 

• Prefilter to extend final filter life 

• Final filter for noncritical filtrations 

• TLiquid-solid sepration with strong acid and alkali conditions filter press 

• Air filtration under 100℃

PP needle punched felt

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