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How to choose a coal-fired boiler dust collector filter bag

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How to choose a coal-fired boiler dust collector filter bag

Date of release:2019-01-02 Author:Huaji Environmental Protection Click:

The coal-fired boiler plant is a high-temperature occasion. The dust collector bag for coal-fired boilers can be selected from pps needle felt material dust bag. The maximum temperature resistance can reach 190 degrees Celsius, and the corrosion resistance is better. The polyester dust bag can be used at low temperature under normal temperature conditions. .

     When a coal-fired boiler is used for dust removal, a bag-type dust collector is generally used. What kind of dust-removing bag is most suitable for a bag-type dust collector? Here, I suggest a pps high-temperature and corrosion-resistant dust filter bag. The reasons are:

     Bag dust collectors were used in power plants very early in the country. Since the 1980s bag filter, they have been promoted and used a large number of customers. In the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and other European countries, industrial plants use bag filter, the dust removal efficiency is as high as 99.9%, the effect of dust treatment is very good. Since then, it has been promoted. Bag dust collectors have also been widely used in China. However, the dust bag of the bag filter used in different working conditions is also different.

What kind of dust bag is used in coal-fired boilers?


Domestic bag filter is widely used in mining, cement, metallurgy, steel, grain, machinery and other industries. In the thermal power plant of the power industry, it is limited to the application of single bag filter in the dust removal and pneumatic ash removal of coal handling system. The bag filter has not been used in the dust removal of the tail of the power station boiler.

     PPS needle felt is a kind of filter material which is made by three-dimensional acupuncture using PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) and can be used for a long time at a temperature of about 190 °C. PPS fiber, also known as polyphenylene sulfide fiber, has good chemical stability and strength retention characteristics due to its special molecular structure.

     Application: Widely used in waste incineration thermal power plants (power plants), cement plant kiln kiln tails, steel plant blast furnaces, foundries, chemical plants, carbon black plants, aluminum plants, copper plants, ferroalloy plants and other industries dust recovery and flue gas filter.

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