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Several basic parameters of the dust filter bag

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Several basic parameters of the dust filter bag

Date of release:2019-01-02 Author:Huaji Environmental Protection Click:

Any porous material that can pass a fluid and trap solid particles contained in the fluid to achieve solid-liquid separation purposes is collectively referred to as a dust bag filter medium. It is a key component of the filtration device and determines the accuracy and efficiency of the filtration effect.

       The dust filter bag is also called the dust collector bag, and its efficiency, resistance, gas permeability, dust holding capacity and service life are generally called filtration performance. Filter efficiency of the dust collector bag: The filtration efficiency of the filter material is related to the filter material structure on the one hand, and also depends on the dust layer formed on the filter material. On the other hand, the filter effect of the short fiber is higher than that of the long fiber. The felt filter material is higher than the fabric filter material.

       Dust filter bag air permeability and resistance. The gas permeability refers to the amount of gas passing through the filter material per unit area under a certain differential pressure. The resistance of the filter material is directly related to the air permeability. As a constant pressure difference for calibrating the air permeability, the values vary from country to country. The life of the filter bag filter material: the life of the filter material refers to the time of damage under the normal use conditions of the filter material. The length of the filter material depends on the quality of the filter body and the conditions of use.


The amount of dust in the dust collector bag. The dust holding capacity is also called the dust load, which refers to the amount of dust accumulated on the filter material per unit area when a given resistance value is reached. The dust holding capacity of the dust collector bag affects the resistance and cleaning cycle of the filter material. In order to avoid frequent cleaning and prolong the life of the filter bag, it is generally required that the filter material has a larger dust holding capacity.

With these basic parameters, you have a certain understanding of the dust filter bag, I hope these can help you when you choose the filter bag!

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