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What are the characteristics of industrial liquid filter bags?

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What are the characteristics of industrial liquid filter bags?

Date of release:2019-01-02 Author:Huaji Environmental Protection Click:

Industrial liquid filter bags commonly used materials are: polypropylene PP, nylon PA, viscose fiber, acrylic, polyester PET, ethylene HDPE, polyvinyl chloride PVC, ethylene PE, PTFE and so on. Here are the advantages of industrial liquid filter bags:

1. The industrial liquid filter bag has no high protrusion even after the improvement of the seam of the bag mouth, which causes the side leakage phenomenon.

2, stainless steel welding technology. The filter bag diameter error is less than 0.5 mm and the horizontal error is less than 0.2 mm. Mounting it in the device increases the degree of sealing while reducing the probability of side leakage.


3. The production of high-speed industrial sewing machine without silicon oil cooling, this production mode will not cause the problem of silicone oil pollution.

4. The label of the product specification model on the industrial liquid filter bag is selected for easy replacement. It is to prevent the label and ink from contaminating the filtrate during use.

5. The filtration accuracy of industrial liquid filter bags ranges from 0.5 to 300 microns. Its materials are divided into polyester and polypropylene nylon.

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