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Introduce the material of the liquid filter bag

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Introduce the material of the liquid filter bag

Date of release:2019-01-02 Author:Huaji Environmental Protection Click:

Polypropylene fiber (Polypropylene, PP): Polypropylene has good abrasion resistance and high elastic recovery. It is an excellent thermoplastic fiber. Polypropylene felt is commonly used in low temperature pulse filter bags of smelting plants and pulse filter bags in chemical plants. Polypropylene precision range: 0.1--500 microns, up to 94 degrees.

Polyester fiber (polyester, PE): The special polyester fiber has good performance at room temperature and is the main filter material in the bag filter. It can be subjected to an operating temperature of 130 ° C under dry conditions; it will harden when it is continuously operated above 130 ° C; it will fade; its brittleness will also weaken its strength. Accuracy range: 1-300 microns.


Nylon mesh (NMO): Nylon mesh, also known as nylon mesh, nylon mesh, nylon mesh, is made of nylon 6 (PA6) monofilament by flexible rapier loom weaving, dyeing (if needed), heat Formed and processed. Made of chemical synthetic fibers, it belongs to the polyamide system. Nylon mesh has high strength, wear resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance and elasticity. Because of the uniform wire diameter and smooth surface, the ink passability is also good. The disadvantage is that the nylon mesh has a large stretchability. The tension of the screen is reduced for a period of time after the wire is stretched, which makes the screen printing plate slack and the precision is lowered. Therefore, it is not suitable to print a circuit board or the like which requires a high dimensional accuracy.

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene): Polytetrafluoroethylene is a structurally symmetric neutral polymer compound. Its structure makes it have good thermal stability, chemical stability, insulation, lubricity, water resistance and the like. High temperature resistance, can be used continuously at 260 °C for a long time, the temperature can reach 280 °C; good chemical stability, corrosion resistance; good self-lubrication, low friction coefficient, little filter wear; low surface tension of PTFE film, Has good non-stick and water repellency.

Stainless steel metal mesh: surface filtration with low flow resistance. The filter material is woven by interlacing, twill and linen. Metal mesh media is suitable for use in oil suction filters for hydraulic and lubrication systems, or for coarse filtration of high velocity fluids, or for filtration of coolants.

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