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What is the role of singeing in liquid filter bags?

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What is the role of singeing in liquid filter bags?

Date of release:2019-01-02 Author:Huaji Environmental Protection Click:

During the operation of the liquid filter bag, the filtrate filtration surface can be treated by singeing to prevent the fibers from separating from the filtrate and clogging the filter holes. Conventional roll processing reduces the life of the filter bag.

The raw material of the liquid filter bag is white, has not been bleached and dyed, and meets environmental standards. Because the three-dimensional filter layer of the needle felt allows the liquid to flow through the filter bag, the particles will remain on the inner wall surface and deep layer of the liquid filter bag due to the deep filtration mechanism, and have high collection efficiency for solid or colloidal particles.

The liquid filter bag has a uniform thickness of the needle felt, has a stable opening ratio and strength, improves the efficiency of the filter bag, and has a long use time. In the production process, the five-wire double-needle sewing method is used to achieve the filtering effect of each liquid filter bag.


The filter bag is primarily used to separate the liquid suspension through the porous medium. During the filtration process, the liquid in the suspension passes through the passage of the medium under the action of its external force, thereby directly intercepting the solid particles, thereby directly intercepting the solid particles and achieving separation. Generally, the filtration suspension is referred to as a filter slurry, the porous medium used is referred to as a filter medium; the liquid passing through the medium passage is referred to as a filtrate; the retained solid matter is referred to as a filter cake or filter residue.


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