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Understand why filter bags are slow to filter

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Understand why filter bags are slow to filter

Date of release:2019-01-02 Author:Huaji Environmental Protection Click:

The filter bag has a slow filtration rate and a long separation time, which results in a general filtration effect. The reason is:

1. The pore size of the filter bag is smaller than the particle size of the material, resulting in a slow liquid and a long separation time.

2. Viscous materials are easy to block holes, which is also a common problem of slow filtration speed.


1, to understand the characteristics of the filter material, temperature, particle size, viscosity, etc., acidic or alkaline substances, polyester acid, polypropylene fiber fabric has acid and alkali resistance, acid and alkali substances will play a certain role in the pore size of the filter material effect.

2, combined with the correct choice, here to teach the user a little, the filter bag long fibers easy to handle sticky materials, filter cloth short fibers easy to handle fine media. But we still have a lot of high-precision users, such as 1000 mesh to 5000 mesh, even 1000 mesh media, the demand for this filter bag is often encountered and successfully solved.


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