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What is the difference between the filter cartridge and the filter bag?

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What is the difference between the filter cartridge and the filter bag?

Date of release:2019-01-02 Author:Huaji Environmental Protection Click:

The filter cartridge has slowly replaced the filter bag, and it is more and more widely used. What advantages does it have compared with the filter bag?

Compared with the filter bag, the filter cartridge increases the filter area by three to five times, which better guarantees the filtering effect, but also saves space in its use. The filter cartridge has a high dust removal rate to meet the needs of consumers. Filter cartridges also have a large advantage over their service life. Although the price of the filter cartridge itself is higher than that of the filter bag, such a long service life makes the actual use cost lower than the filter bag.


The filter cartridge is also simple and convenient to install. It is also easy to clean it, which can reduce the maintenance cost of the filter original, so the filter cartridge has the economic advantage. The manufacturer's staff believes that the filter cartridge has many advantages compared with the filter bag, so its promotion is an inevitable trend. It is believed that the filter cartridge will have a larger development prospect.

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